Monday, October 19, 2009

First Blog Ever!

Hello world....
My name is the Omnipundit. I have opinions about anything and everything. I am not a writer but I have aspirations to be a writer as a hobby or replacement career. I have a job at the moment, although I know people in the USA that are hurting in this lousy economy. Right out of the chute, I want to say that I am a conservative. I am part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. I am not ashamed to say that I love my country, but right now, I hate my government, more exacting, the idiots at the top of the heap who are guiding this country straight down the toilet. I believe in the limitations of the federal government as stated in the Constitution. I am appalled as most of you probably are, on the attack of our liberties by this federal govenment. This government sees the constitution as a road-block to all out marxism. This is the kind of change, the Barrack Obama was pandering for during the election season.

What most of you do not realize is that we are ones who dictate the rules of the road to the government. They are in their position because we elected them to do so. Lets face it, most people did not vote for the kind of crap that is being done in our name by a bunch of hard leftists, who could care less about you.

This is just the warm up blog, please come back daily to read what I have to say. Again, I am just a regular joe who is fed up with the destruction of my country and the disappearance of the America that I know and love.

Chow for now!

The Omnipundit